Using The Trail

Please enjoy your visit …

… but remember:

  • Cycling is not permitted on the Nature Trail
    Using bikes on the boardwalk damages it and makes it less safe for walkers on the trail. Signs have been installed at all four entrances to remind users. Bikes may be dismounted before entering the trail and walked through.
  • Access is not permitted to the adjoining golf course
    Walking or running on the golf course presents a health and safety hazard arising from flying golf balls. Please keep to the trail.
  • Do not attempt to enter or swim in any of the ponds
    Water is pumped from the ponds to the golf course. Swimming in the ponds is therefore unsafe.
  • Picnics are welcomed, but please do not light fires or barbeques anywhere in the park or trail
    Leave the site as you found it, and take any litter home with you.
  • Please keep to the boardwalk at all times
    The ground around the boardwalk can be boggy and hazardous. The surrounding area also contains rare plants that may be damaged by walkers straying off the boardwalk.
  • Dog owners: please keep dogs under control at all times whilst in the nature park
    The park is home to many wildlife species, including nesting birds. Please help protect the wildlife by ensuring your dog is under control when in the park.

Just 100 metres beyond the gate at the eastern end of the trail you will find the golf clubhouse. Teas, coffees, food and stronger refreshments are available to walkers seven days a week.

This map will you direct you to the clubhouse car park by the beginning of the trail.