This is the page for information about conservation projects being carried out in Hinksey Heights Nature Reserve.


Fen Restoration Projects

The project to restore the rare Oxfordshire alkaline fens at Hinksey Heights began in 2018. Volunteers with Freshwater Habitats Trust removed trees and scrub which had been outcompeting smaller fen plant species.

Alkaline fens are an important habitat which supports a wide range of invertebrate species. The project has already seen new plants appearing in the clear areas, which in turn will promote the return of associated insect species.

For further information see the Survey of Invertebrates of Hinksey Heights Fen – Report by Steve Gregory on Behalf of Oxfordshire Fens Project

Also Hydro-ecology and Biodiversity at Hinksey Heights – Report by David Morris on Behalf of Oxfordshire Fens Project

Newts Conservation Partnership Projects

During 2019, the Hinksey Heights Partnership allowed two new ponds to be built in the nature park as part of a conservation project delivered by The South Midlands Newt Conservation Group. The aim was to provide a breeding habitat for Great Crested Newts. The ponds will be closely monitored to assess the benefits to Great Crested Newts as well as other species using the ponds.


A Caution

Visitors should be aware that areas of fen that have been cleared as part of the ongoing conservation projects are particularly boggy and present a hazard to walkers. Please refrain from walking on cleared areas and stay on the boardwalk.

A Call for Volunteers

The Oxfordshire Fens Project is also looking for volunteers to help restore the fens up at Hinksey Heights. The second work party this year will meet on Sunday 12th July 2020. For details, please see below: